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Our Mission

White Tiger Systems, Inc. (WTS) is a unique company.  Its Management Team has over 80 person years experience in building and delivering information through technology.  With the growth of the Internet, there are many companies that have come on the market to offer website development tools on a variety of platforms.

Most offerings on the market today vary in cost; there are often hidden costs that emerge as development unfolds.  Limits are often placed on space and page count when the average user has no idea what they will ‘actually need’.

We created WTS to support the ‘Little Guy’; i.e. to deliver the most robust system at the lowest possible cost!!

This took planning and foresight.  After years of experience with the bigger more costly technology platforms, WTS has taken the path to develop a system on today’s Open Source technology that will allow thousands of users to be supported at a single low cost for a website with ton’s of specialized modules AND a robust Email Marketing sub-system.  In fact, we claim no other company in the business provides a solution with the features and, more importantly, functionality we offer in our RealTime System at a comparable price point.  It is a robust solution, growing by the day in functionality.

Periodic Webinars will be offered free of charge for WTS clients covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, SEO Placement, Email List development, Image management, Page design, Sales techniques and many more.

Our goal, simply stated, is to bring the most features and functionality to the business user at the lowest possible cost.  No hidden ‘upgrades’.  WYSIWYG – ‘What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get’. Further more, WTS will continue to add features and functionality to the base product and business development tools as an ongoing service to our clients at no additional cost.

For those organizations that have 100’s or 1,000’s of users, further cost savings can be realized.  Those savings can go into a retirement fund or passed back to the business member as a rebate or discount.


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